Collapsible Stackable Crates (mini)

Collapsible Stackable Crates (mini)

Wander Baby PH
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This fabulous Wander Baby collapsible  crate is the perfect storage solution! Ideal for storing toys, books or accessories. Stack them up, or fold them down when not in use to save on space. Available in a variety of colours and made from 100% recyclable materials.

You may also use this for your toddler sorting activities!

Fantastic for storage, and could be easily used in other areas such as the kitchen to store home essentials
Mix and match different colours by stacking together
Made from 100% recyclable materials


Available in 3 sizes:

Fun size (mini) - ideal for accessories, and for toy sorting activities for babies and toddlers.

Play-school (midi) - ideal for medium-sized toys, small books, blocks, etc.


Big - school (large) - idea for big books, clothes, crayons, toys, blocks, etc.